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USA Puts 4 Wrestlers In The Junior World Semifinals


Team USA has a solid showing only dropping one match in the first session. We have secured 4 semifinalist and all semifinalist are guaranteed to be pulled in the repechage.

Ben Kueter, Mitchell Mesenbrink, Jore Volk, and Vince Cornella all got the job done and three of them with late comebacks to win.

Ben Kueter-

Kueter looked the most impressive in his two matches not really getting touched winning the first by technical superiority and the second in convincing fashion 8-1.

Match 1 / Match 2

Mitchell Mesenbrink-

Mesenbrink dominated his two matches but the third was was close. He was able to secure the comeback late and hold on to a 9-7 lead to make the semis.

Match 1 / Match 2 / Match 3

Jore Volk-

Volk getting a bit of luck in his first match vs Iran where he was able to win the challenge to get the victory in the match 7-5. A little bit more comfortable in the second match vs Uzbekistan where he won 7-2.

Match 1

Vince Cornella-

Cornella with a comfortable 8-0 victory in the first match vs Kazakhstan. The third one started off rough going down for a majority of the match but was able to storm his way back late to a 6-5 win over Iran making the semifinals.

Match 1 / Match 3

Brayden Thompson-

Thompson fell in his first match and will need the guy to make the finals in order to be pulled back into repechage. If he does not then Thompson will be eliminated from the tournament.

Match 1

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