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Ben Kueter Wins 1/4 Final Match At Junior Worlds


Ben Kueter wins his 1/4 finals match over Niraj of India 8-1 to make the semifinals of the junior world championships.

Final Score- Kueter VPO1 Niraj 8-1

Match Overview-

Niraj gets in on a leg attack to counter Kueter’s upper body tie. Kueter gets into the merkle position but gives up the step out to go down 1-0.

Shot from Niraj but Kueter steps over to get the exposure and go up 2-1. Looking like Niraj will get the takedown but Kueter rolls him over for anothet exposure going up 4-1.

Niraj goes underhook to ankle pick but Kueter steps over getting himself a takedown off a scuffed attack to go up 6-1 now.

Shot from Niraj but stuffed by Kueter and position ends up getting stalemated by the ref.

Yet another shot from Niraj and this the closest he is to getting a takedown but Kueter ends up fighting it off to get the takedown of his own to go up 8-1 in the match with one minute left in the bout.

Niraj continues to attack but Kueter keeps composed and his defense takes this match.

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