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Brayden Thompson Falls In 1/8 Final Match At Junior Worlds

Photo: Tony Rotundo

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Brayden Thompson falls to Sobhan Yari of Iran in the 1/8 finals match by decision 6-1.

Final Score- Sobhan Yari VPO1 Brayden Thompson 6-1

Match Overview-

One minute into the match Yari hits a nice slide by and converts for two. He then adds a gut wrench for another two to go up 4-0 about 70 seconds into the bout.

Thompson dives in on a single with about 40 seconds yet but can not go anywhere with it and ref stalemates the position. This is it heading into the break.

Yari gets put on the shot clock with about 2 minutes left in the match. Tries to score off of a front headlock but fails to do so and Thompson gets on the board.

Thompson starts throwing more and more fakes but Yari is able to get a go behind and break him down to go up 6-1 with 35 seconds left in the match.

Thompson can not get any offense going and this is how the match will end up.

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