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Mitchell Mesenbrink Wins 1/4 Final At Junior Worlds


Mitchell Mesenbrink wins a very close on in the quarterfinals over Iran’s Hossein Mohammad Aghaei 9-7.

Final Score- Mesenbrink VPO1 Mohammad Aghaei 9-7

Match Overview-

Mohammad Aghaei hits a nice reattack single to score the first points of the match going up 2-0.

Mohammad Aghaei with another single getting the exposure but is countered for a reversal and Mesenbrink is down 4-1 with about 1 minute left in the period.

Another single from Mohammad Aghaei and he is not able to convert on this one as Mesenbrink squares up his hips.

Mohammad Aghaei is able to get his underhook offense going and secure a push out to go up 5-1 on Mesenbrink right before heading into the break.

Mohammad Aghaei gets in on a single leg and Mesenbrink initiates the scramble scoring the exposure from the position to cut his deficit down to 2 and the score is 5-3 with 2:30 to go.

Call has been challenged by Iran and they have changed it to 2 and 2 plus the one point reversal for Mesenbrink making the score 7-4.

Mesenbrink scores a takedown of a nice snapdown and poorly timed shot by Mohammad Aghaei.

Mohammad Aghaei on the shot clock with about 1:15 to go in the match. Mesenbrink takes a shot and Mohammad Aghaei tries to step over possibly getting exposure but ref says no and Mesenbrink scores the takedown.

Mesenbrink takes a nice low ankle shot and Mohammad Aghaei is locked in the crotch after a little scramble. Mesenbrink is unable to convert and the position is stalemated.

With the shot clock time expiring Mesenbrink will go up 9-7 and a takedown will put Mohammad Aghaei in the lead on criteria.

With 17 seconds left Mohammad Aghaei pushes hard but to no avail and Mesenbrink holds on for the 9-7 victory and is into the semifinals.

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