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Jore Volk Wins 1/8 Final Match At Junior Worlds

Photo: Sam Janicki

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USA 57kg rep Jore Volk took out Ahmad Mohammadnezhad in the 1/8 finals match of the junior world championships. The match was close and came down to the last second.

Final Score- Jore Volk VPO1 Ahmad Mohammadnezhad 7-5

Match Overview-

Mohammadnezhad gets in on a single leg and tries to come out the back but Volk sits the corner with a crotch lock and converts the exposure. Ahmad Mohammadnezhad is able to score the reversal and cut Volk’s lead to 2-1.

Mohammadnezhad gets a gut wrench for two points but Volk comes out on top for another reversal and leads 3-3 on criteria. He is able to get a lace and Mohammadnezhad gets rolled through giving Volk the lead outright 5-3.

Mohammadnezhad gets in on a beautiful sweep single and takes down Volk on the edge to now gain his own lead 5-5 on criteria.

Volk starts firing with under 30 seconds left so nobody can be called for passivity. Volk gets in on an attack and Mohammadnezhad goes quad pod in the last couple seconds to not give up the takedown.

USA Challenges the call and they win the bout with the takedown given 7-5.

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