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Ben Kueter Wins Opening Round Match At Junior Worlds


USA 97kg rep Ben Kueter wins his opening round match at worlds over Dimitrios Duscov of Moldova by technical superiority and is into the quarterfinals.

Final Score Ben Kueter VSU Dimitrios Duscov 10-0

Match Overview-

Around 30 seconds in Duscov takes a shot and after a bit of work Kueter is able to break him down and circle behind for a takedown.

Pretty much the same thing about a min and 30 seconds into the match with Kueter hitting a nice snap down and circling for the takedown, almost locked up a cradle this time around but Duscov bails and gives up the two.

About 20 seconds before the break Duscov takes a shot from space but fails to get close. Kueter pancakes him right to his back from his knees for two and works par terre for a bit. Goes for the gut wrench but fails to convert in on it before the break.

Another snapdown go behind right off the break but this time Duscov puts up a better fight trying to complete the leg attack but again to no avail.

Duscov goes in on a straight on shot, Kueter shoves his head down and immediately spins behind for the takedown winning the match by technical superiority 10-0

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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