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Vince Cornella Wins Opening Roud Match At Junior Worlds


USA 65kg rep Vince Cornella wins his opening round match at the junior world championships over Kazakhstan’s Olzhas Olzhakanov by decision 8-0.

Final Score- Vince Cornella VPO Olzhas Olzhakanov 8-0

Match Overview-

Olzhakanov gets in on a 2 on 1 and Cornella is able to hit a nice boot scoot out of it which he works up into a body lock out of. He secures the 4 point feet to back finish going out of bounds as he does so putting up the first points of the match about a minute in.

Out of the break Olzhakanov gets in on a nice single and somewhat deep but Cornella is able to sit the corner and come behind nicely for the two point takedown. He tries to turk but they end up going about of bounds and is now up 6-0.

Cornella gets a nice underhook but bails and goes directly into a low single from an open shot. He gets his head under the leg and is able to come out the back for a takedown which would be the final one of the match with about 1 minute left.

Cornella able to get in on another attack but is flatted immediately by Olzhakanov and this is pretty much the end of it.

Cornella will face Ismail Pomakov of Bulgaria in the 1/8 finals

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