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Vince Cornella Wins 1/4th Final Match At Junior Worlds


Vince Cornella secured a massive comeback in the quarterfinals down 5-2 at a point and securing two takedowns late to win 6-5 over Iran’s Mohamed Asadollah Shakeri.

Final Score- Vince Cornella VPO1 Mohamed Asadollah Shakeri 6-5

Match Overview-

About a minute in no real action just yet but hard hand fighting both ways and goos snapdowns from Cornella.

Cornella on the shot clock with a minute left in the first period. Unable to score and Shakeri will take the 1-0 lead with 30 seconds left in the first period.

Shakeri gets the takedown out of bounds and the mat ref says no call but the chair disagrees. Takedown confirmed as Shakeri leads 3-0 heading into the break.

Cornella starting to push the pace more with about 2 minutes left in the match but still has no answer for Shakeri’s underhook giving up a push out to the Iranian and is now down 4-0.

Cornella gets in on a nice shot and comes out the back for two to cut his deficit down to two points.

he immediately gives up a reversal to the Iranian and goes down by 3 with a minute left in the match.

Cornella scores on a nice throw by to cut the deficity to one and the ref stands them up with about 30 seconds left in the match.

Another throw by for Cornella to take the lead 6-5 with 7 seconds left in the match. The Iranian gets in on a shot but is unable to finish as Cornella gets the comeback victory to advance to the semifinals

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