All Wrestlers Sitting In Final X


With the last chance qualifier and the world team trials coming up soon all wrestlers eligible to sit in Final X have made their choice whether or not to accept the bid.

Men’s Freestyle-

57kg- Thomas Gilman

Gilman has looked great recently winning Olympic bronze in Tokyo and Gold in Oslo securing his first world title. He is the heavy favorite to repeat for the world team.

61kg- Daton Fix

Fix is the only current collegiate wrestler that will be sitting in Final X after making his second world team for Oslo and coming away with a silver medal he will be a big favorite to make the world team for a third time.

65kg- No Wrestler Sitting

70kg- No Wrestler Sitting

74kg- Kyle Dake

Kyle Dake has not missed a team since 2017 when he lost to Jordan Burroughs in a thrilling best of 3 series and he will be a large favorite to make his 4th world team and will be looking for his 4th gold medal along with that.

79kg- Jordan Burroughs

Jordan Burroughs will be a favorite to make his 9th world team and 11th if we include the Olympic games. He will be chasing history should he make the team and will be looking to surpass John Smith for the most world and Olympic golds.

86kg- David Taylor

Taylor has one name on his mind at that is Hassan Yazdani. He should have no trouble making the team but being 3-1 against the Iranian superstar who got the better of him in their last meeting he will have something to prove in this next meeting.

92kg- J’den Cox

Coming off of a world bronze performance in Oslo J’den Cox will be looking to come back strong and prove that he is still the best in the world. The man standing in his way is Iran’s Kamran Ghasempour who took out Cox in the world semis last year.

97kg- Kyle Snyder

Snyder has been one of the best in the world consistently but with Sadulaev ahead of him every single year he has not won a gold medal since 2017. With Russia out of the picture Snyder looks to finally have a path to regain gold on the world stage.

125- No Wrestler Sitting

Olympic Champion Gable Steveson had the choice to accept the bid but ended up declining.

Women’s Freestyle-

50kg- Sarah Hildebrandt

Hildebrandt has looked good claiming bronze in Tokyo and Silver in Oslo and will be looking to finally get on top of that podium. With a wrestler like Yui Susaki most likely in her way she will have her work cut out for her.

53kg- No Wrestler Sitting

55kg- Jenna Burket

Jenna Burket was able to claim her bid to sit in Final X after winning bronze in Oslo. She will have her work cut out for her if she wants to see the top of the podium however.

57kg- Helen Maroulis

Helen Maroulis is back after a tough tournament in Tokyo taking bronze and Gold in Oslo she looks to be back on track to dominate the world scene once again.

59kg- No Wrestler Sitting

62kg- Kayla Miracle

After claiming bronze in Oslo and a DNP finish in Tokyo Kayla Miracle will be looking to get back on the podium this year in Serbia.

65kg- Forrest Molinari

Molinari was able to get on the podium in Oslo winning her first world medal and will look to win a second one this year in Serbia should she make the team.

68kg- Tamyra Mensah-Stock

Disappointing finish with a bronze medal in Oslo after winning gold in Tokyo after she was pinned in 21 seconds by Japan’s Rin Miyagi. She should have no trouble making the team but will be looking to get back on top in Serbia.

72kg- No Wrestler Sitting

76kg- No Wrestler Sitting

Adeline Gray declined her bid due to her pregnancy

Greco Roman-

55kg- No Wrestler Sitting

63kg- No Wrestler Sitting

67kg- No Wrestler Sitting

72kg- No Wrestler Sitting

77kg- No Wrestler Sitting

82kg- No Wrestler Sitting

87kg- No Wrestler Sitting

97kg- G’Angelo Hancock

USA greco has been rough but Hancock proved to be one of the bright spots along with Cohlton Schultz when he was able to pick up a bronze medal in Oslo. With Musa Evloev out of the picture it should make it a bit easier to Hancock to get back on the podium a second time.

130kg- No Wrestler Sitting

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