Frost Brothers Commit To Iowa State


Evan and Jacob Frost are twin brothers originally from Louisiana. The twins moved to Iowa and are currently attending Dowling Catholic High School. They will both be staying in Iowa as both twins decided to commit to Iowa State University.

Jacob Frost wrestles in the 138 pound weigh class with him being a five-time state finalist and a 4th place finisher at the Super 32. During his 2021-22 season, Jacob finished with a 32-2 record.

Evan Frost is a four times state champion with three of them being in Louisiana and one in the State of Iowa. Evan was also an All-American at the Super 32 tournament. He wrestles in the 132 pound weight class and finished his 2021-22 season with a 34-1 record.

Although both brothers committed to Iowa state, they both have different reasons for their choice of commitment. Evan’s decision was based on a financial standpoint or as he said, “The deciding fact would mostly be financial due to the hurricane hitting our home in Louisiana and we didn’t get into Columbia’s school of engineering”. Jacob’s decision was similar to Evan’s with him saying, “The deciding factor was the engineering program because it didn’t work out the way we were expecting it to. So, we then started look at other academic options and we noticed that Iowa State also had a very good engineering program”.

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