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Isaiah Martinez Looks To Qualify For The World Team Trials

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This is not something many people would have thought we would be seeing with Isaiah Martinez being stuck going to the last chance qualifier. First IMAR did not qualify for the trials due to being injured and opting out of the Olympic trials. Most people would have assumed he would be fine time come the US Open where all he needed to do was secure a top 7 finish to qualify.

Martinez ended up getting taken out early by David McFadden where he was up and ended up getting pinned. He won a match on the backside but ended up forfeiting out of the tournament coming away with an 8th place finish.

Martinez will be competing at the last chance qualifier today in Atlantic City starting at 10am EST. The field is not all that crazy with this being the last chance qualifier but there is some decent competition with Michael O’Malley and Devin Skatzka.

He should not have too much trouble qualifying for the trials. He has a win over Burroughs down at 74kg back at Final X in 2019 so if he is healthy and can get through last chance anything is possible here. He will have to get through Alex Dieringer and David McFadden either way along a plethora of other competitors looking to take him out.

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