Sammy Hillegas Announces Transfer To West Virginia


Sam Hillegas has recently announced he will be transferring from Virginia Tech to West Virginia University. His transfer was announced via Instagram with Hillegas writing, “
I would like to announce that I will now be continuing my academic and athletic career at WVU!”.

During his time at Virginia Tech, Hillegas was recently ranked #44 his freshman year. He is currently ranked number 36 for the 2023 pre season. During his 2022 season, Hillegas had a record of 5 wins and 3 loses.

Many have questioned why did he choose to transfer? When the question was asked, Hillegas replied, “Just needed a fresh start and it’s been a long time coming with WVU. My club coach, Jim Akerly, and high school coach, Vertus Jones, both went there. I have a big support base being in Morgantown and will be closer to home to help give back to my wrestling community and little brother who just started wrestling. Flynn and co. are on the right track and I believe in them to help me and the team reach our highest potential. A lot of good things going on in Morgantown right now! Just happy to be a mountaineer! 💪🏼”.

The big question has been answered, he is looking to give back to the wrestling community in Morgantown and is looking forward to support his little brother and his wrestling journey.

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