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O’Toole, Brooks, And Hendrickson Into U23 World Finals


Day 1 action at the 2023 U23 world championships have concluded and all 5 wrestlers from Team USA are still in the hunt for a medal with 3 of them competing for gold tomorrow.

Keegan O’Toole (74kg), Aaron Brooks (86kg), and Wyatt Hendrickson (125kg) have all won their semifinal bouts and will compete for gold.

Earlier Results

Semifinal Results:

74kg- Keegan O’Toole VFA Sonny Santiago (Puerto Rico) 3:32

86kg- Aaron Brooks VPO1 Arslan Bagaev (AIN) 5-4

125kg- Wyatt Hendrickson VPO1 Azamat Khosonov (Greece) 4-2


Bashir Magomedov (AIN) won by tech 10-0 over Ivan Hramyka (AIN) in the semifinals and pulled Julian Chlebove back into repechage

Muhammed Gimre (Turkey) defeated Pruthviraj Patil (UWW) 8-5 in the semifinals and pulled Jacob Cardenas back into repechage.

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Akil Murugan
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