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Day 1 Session 1 Results From U23 World Championships


Session 1 of the 2023 U23 World Championships has concluded and Team USA has put on a very solid performance so far.

61kg- Julian Chlebove

Chlebove was dominant in his first match against Margiotta of the Philippines with an 11-0 tech.

In the quarterfinals Chlebove ran into Bashir Magomedov (AIN) and he would grab an early 3 point lead, from there on out it was all Magomedov as he stormed back for a 14-3 tech.

Chlebove’s future in this tournament remains in the hands of Magomedov making the finals.

74kg- Keegan O’Toole

Clinical victory in round 1 of the tournament for O’Toole defeating Kurylenko of Ukraine 10-0

O’Toole was just as dominant in the round of 16 with another tech, this time against Biro of Romania 12-2

In the quarters O’Toole faced Hikaru Takata, he would cruise to a 10-1 victory here and advance to the semifinals where he will face Santiago of Puerto Rico.

86kg- Aaron Brooks

Brooks had a somewhat competitive match to start off the tournament against Kucuksolak of Turkey, he ended up coming out on top 5-1.

In his second bout Brooks was much more dominant winning by tech over Martin of Canada 10-0 in the first period.

In the quarters Brooks would face Ichizli of Moldova where he would put up another shutout victory to advance to the semifinals where he will face Arslan Bagaev (AIN).

92kg- Jacob Cardenas

Cardenas won a really tough match against Alan Bagaev (AIN) in the first round 4-3 holding onto his lead late in the match.

In his quarterfinal match to Gimri of Turkey he fell 10-1. His hopes of repechage in the tournament rely on Gimri making the finals later today.

125kg- Wyatt Hendrickson

Hendrickson would see Abdulla Kurbanov (AIN) in his first bout of the day and it was a high scorer with Hendrickson leading 17-9 before he finally got the pin with under a minute left in the match.

Another dominant performance from Hendrickson in the quarterfinals as he defeated Stratulat of Moldova 14-1 by tech in just over a minute.

He will face Azamat Khosonov of Greece in the semifinals who has been very dominant in his own right.

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