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Top 25 Most Decorated Freestyle Wrestlers Of All Time

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Freestyle wrestling has been home to some of the most talented athletes on the planet. Names like Jordan Burroughs, Buvaisar Saitiev, and Aleksandr Medved are just a few of the many wrestlers that have dominated in this sport.

Who are the top 25 most decorated freestyle wrestlers of all time? See the list below.

*Ties are broken on a few criteria’s such as Olympic vs World Golds, cumulative medal count, strength of competition, best wins.

*Obviously there are guys that would be on the greatest freestyle wrestlers list, but they do not have the accolades due to a various number of reasons. This list is simply based on their stats.

RankNameCountryTotal GoldsSplit
1Aleksandr MedvedSoviet Union103 Olympic / 7 World
2Buvaisar SaitievRussia93 Olympic / 6 World
3Sergei BeloglazovSoviet Union82 Olympic / 6 World
4Arsen FadzaevSoviet Union82 Olympic / 6 World
5Valentin YordanovBulgaria81 Olympic / 7 World
6Abdulrashid SadulaevRussia72 Olympic / 5 World
7Makharbek KhadartsevSoviet Union72 Olympic / 5 World
8Jordan BurroughsUnited States71 Olympic / 6 World
9John Smith United States62 Olympic / 4 World
10Soslan AndiyevSoviet Union62 Olympic / 4 World
11Kadzhimurat GatsalovRussia61 Olympic / 5 World
12Levan TediashviliSoviet Union62 Olympic / 4 World
13Leri KhabelovRussia61 Olympic / 5 World
14Abdollah MovahedIran61 Olympic / 5 World
15Vladamir YuminSoviet Union51 Olympic / 4 World
16Bruce BaumgartnerUnited States52 Olympic / 3 World
17Mustafa DagistanliTurkey52 Olympic /3 World
18Aleksandr IvantiskySoviet Union51 Olympic / 4 World
19Ali AlievSoviet Union50 Olympic / 5 World
20Yuji TakadaJapan51 Olympic / 4 World
21Besik KudukhovRussia40 Olympic / 4 World
22Anatoly BeloglazovSoviet Union41 Olympic / 3 World
23Kyle Snyder United States41 Olympic / 3 World
24Elbrus TedeyevUkraine41 Olympic / 3 World
25Hassan YazdaniIran41 Olympic / 3 World

Wrestlers that missed out due to accolades-

1- Adam Saitiev

2- David Taylor (Still Active / Injury)

3- Kyle Dake (Still Active)

4- Zaurbek Sidakov (Still Active)

5- Biyal Makhov

6- Cael Sanderson

7- Pavel Pinigin

8- Lee Kemp (Boycott)

9- Ebrahim Javadi

10- Salman Hashimikov

11- Kim Il

12- Artur Taymazov (Doping)

13- Mavlet Batirov

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