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Sergei Beloglazov


Sergei Beloglazov is known to the world as one of the greatest tacticians in freestyle wrestling history. Racking up 8 World and Olympic Gold medals throughout the course of his storied career.

Sergei and his brother Anatoly are one of the greatest brother duos to ever compete in this spot. Sergei currently is a coach at the Cliff Keen wrestling club in Michigan and has had tremendous success.



1979 World Silver Medalist (57kg)

1981 World Champion (57kg)

1982 World Champion (62kg)

1983 World Champion (57kg)

1985 World Champion (57kg)

1986 World Champion (57kg)

1987 World Champion (57kg)


1980 Olympic Champion (57kg)

1984 Olympics (DNC) Boycott

1988 Olympic Champion (57kg)

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