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Hassan Yazdani


Hassan Yazdani is currently the most popular wrestler in the world. He is a freestyle wrestler for Iran and competes at 86kg.

He started off his career at 70kg where he was able to win a silver medal at the 2015 World Championships. Since then he has moved up the weight to where he is now at 86kg.

His rival is on the world stage is David Taylor and at this point in time Taylor holds a heavy advantage over him. Yazdani was able to defeat Taylor at the 2021 World Championships but fell in 2022.



2015 World Silver Medalist (70kg)

2017 World Champion (86kg)

2018 World Bronze Medalist (86kg)

2019 World Champion (86kg)

2021 World Champion (86kg)

2022 World Silver Medalist (86kg)


2016 Olympic Champion (74kg)

2020 Olympic Silver Medalist (86kg)

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