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North Carolina State vs Cal Poly Wrestling Collegiate Duals Preview


NC State will be taking on Lehigh in their first match at the Collegiate Dual scheduled to go down at 6pm EST on December 19th. NC State as expected comes into the dual meet as a pretty big favorite and really should not have much trouble grabbing the win as a team here.

Projected Matches-

125- Jarrett Trombley vs Antonio Lorenzo

Right off the bat here NC State is favored to win at 125. Cal Poly does have a good chance here to get things started off with a win so this could be an interesting bout individually.

133- Kai Orine vs Ethan Rotundo

Orine should have no trouble winning this bout here. Bonus points are a bit doubtful but not really out of the question in this matchup.

141- Ryan Jack vs Lawrence Saenz

Jack has been looking solid this year and is starting to get high up in the rankings, he should be able to grab a major decision here over Cal Poly. If that doesn’t happen a decision but this bout should not really be too close.

149- Jackson Arrington vs Dom Demas

Demas should be able to grab the win here to put Cal Poly up on the board assuming that Lorenzo does not get the win down at 125. This tournament will be very telling for Dom Demas and where exactly his trajectory points to for this season.

157- Ed Scott vs Luca Wick

This will be a big tournament for Ed Scott as he will see a couple top guys. Scott should be able to get the win here over Wick and possibly a major.

165- Donald Coates vs Legend Lamer

Lamer is another one fo the Cal Poly wrestlers that are favored to win here. This shouldn’t be too hard of a match for Legend Lamer to win but a major is most likely out of reach.

174- Alex Faison. vs Kendall LaRosa

Looking at the rankings here Faison is the favorite to win this one here by a slight margin, the common matchups shows that it might be a blowout so that might be interesting to take a look at.

184- Trent Hidlay vs Brawley Lamer

Hilday moving up the rankings to #2 after defeating Parker Keckeisen is looking fantastic. Lamer is pretty much just out matched here and maybe Hidlay is able to look for a tech or pin here.

197- Isaac Trumble vs Bernie Traux

On paper this match is a toss up but I feel that Bernie on his feet is just a different animal compared to most wrestlers in this weight class. Bernie should be able to get a pretty convincing win over Trumble here.

285- Owen Trephan vs Trevor Tinker

Trephan is a big favorite here and should be able to grab a win here no problem. Maybe looking for a major but it shouldn’t make a difference as far as team score goes.

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