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Virginia Tech 2022-23 Schedule Breakdown


Virginia tech has announced their schedule for the 2022-23 season and there are some big duals to keep an eye out for.

November 11th at Ohio State-

Kaleb Romero vs Hunter Bolen

Ethan Smith vs Mekhi Lewis

Paddy Gallagher vs Bryce Andonian

These two matches are really all there is to look at for this dual meet but they will be bangers.

Smith vs Lewis should be close in theory but Mekhi is only looking better and better as time goes on.Romero vs Bolen should be a solid win for Romero looking at both of their performances last season.

Paddy Gallagher should be the one seeing the lineup for the Buckeyes at 157 but nothing is known really yet. I don’t know how much of a match him vs Andonian would really be.

December 2/3 at Cliff Keen Las Vegas-

CKLV is one of the biggest tournaments of the year and VTech could be looking to crown two champs with Lewis and possibly Andonian if things go to plan.

December 11 Mizzou-

Connor Brown vs Sam Latona

Jarrett Jacques vs Bryce Andonian

Peyton Mocco vs Mekhi Lewis

Sean Harman vs Hunter Bolen

Zach Elam vs Hunter Catka

A lot of the big matches here are kind of mis matched by a weight class which sucks. O’Toole vs Lewis would be insane and so would Latona vs Surtin at 125.

Mekhi Lewis vs Peyton Mocco was a razor thin victory for Lewis last time so don’t count Mocco out.

January 1/2 Southern Scuffle-

Again pretty much the same guys as CKLV that might actually win a title here with other guys just looking to get team points and onto the podium as high as possible.

January 6th Cornell-

Sam Latona vs Vito Arujau*

Mekhi Lewis vs Chris Foca

Jonathan Loew vs Hunter Bolen

Lewis Fernandes vs Hunter Catka

A lot of this depends on Cornell’s lineup with Vito and Greg Diakomihalis. If Vito is at 133 him vs Latona will be a fun match but Vito is just a level above him.

Lewis vs Foca last year was close at the collegiate duals with Foca running a close one with Starocci there as well. Fernandes vs Catka should be a fun clash of styles at heavyweight and Loew vs Bolen maybe just a toss up.

January 20th NC State-

Hunter Bolen vs Trent Hidlay

Ed Scott vs Bryce Andonian

The matchup last year was Hayden Hidlay vs Mekhi Lewis but we won’t get to see that obviously. Ed Scott vs Bryce Andonian will be absolute fireworks with two guys that love to let it fly and don’t care about results.

Bolen has had the one up on Hidlay in the past but Hidlay has been the performer lately

January 27th Pitt-

Dazjon Casto vs Bryce Andonian

Micky Phillipi vs Sam Latona

Casto vs Andonian should be a good one but again Andonian would be somewhat of a heavy favorite here. Phillipi vs Latona will be a good one but it will be interesting to see how Latona does up a weight.

February 10th North Carolina-

Austin O’Connor vs Bryce Andonian

There is one match to see here in my opinion and that is Andonian vs O’Connor. He might have been injured last season but he is a national champ for a reason and he is seeking revenge. A good clash of styles here and should lead to an O’Connor win but who knows.

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