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G’Angelo Hancock Joins The WWE


2021 world bronze medalist and 2022 world team member G’Angleo Hancock had recently announced that he will be retiring from the sport of wrestling. Braxton Amos would be granted his spot for being the runner up at Final X.

This somewhat shocked USA Wrestling fans but with the lack of funding for greco this was somewhat inevitable. The rumors when this happened where that he will be heading to the WWE just like Gable Steveson but there was nothing to confirm this.

Hancock just put out an Instagram post signifying his commitment to the WWE.

Hancock was one of the best Greco-Roman wrestlers for the United States in recent year and he is only 25 so him retiring shocked a lot of people.

Looking back on his career he made his first team in 2017 to compete at the world championships in Paris. He made every other team in between including the Olympic team in 2021 where he still failed to claim a medal.

Just this past year Hancock was able to end the medal drought for Team USA and this may have been what lead him to be ok with calling it a career and moving forward with his life.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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