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Ben Kueter Dominates In World Finals


Ben Kueter took one Rifat Gidak of Turkey in the junior world gold medal match. Pure domination from Kueter here. let up the first takedown but immediately reversed it and turned Gidak at will and finished it off with a pin.

Kueter will be at City High this year and will be at Iowa next season. With how stacked the Iowa recruiting class is and how dominant Kueter looked here it should be a big next few years for the Hawkeyes.

The main question is since Kueter is going to Iowa for football and wrestling as a 4 star recruit which one does he end up committing his time it. He could do both in theory but that really doesn’t work out so hopefully he sticks with wrestling but who knows.

Had his ups and downs in the tournament but was able to come out with a w in each match and showed up when it mattered most in the finals.

Match Overview-

Gidak with a nice slide by which he converts for two and Kueter gets the exposure right off of it.

Kueter locks up a trap arm cut and rolls it through 3 times before running the bar to pin Gidak in the first period.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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