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Mitchell Mesenbrink Takes Home Silver From Junior Worlds


Mitchell Mesenbrink had a very impressive tournament dominating his first match and breaking his opponents in the next two bouts overcoming a massive deficit to even make the next match. The finals did not go his way however falling to Kanan Heybatov of Azerbaijan 13-7.

Match Overview-

Mesenbrink gets in on a single right off the bat and Heybatov is able to counter and put Mesenbrink on his back for four points.

He attempts a gut wrench and succeeds but Mesenbrink gets the one point reversal to make the score 6-1 in favor of Heybatov.

Mesenbrink scores a step out and the score is now 6-2 in favor of Heybatov

Mesenbrink chases down a go behind but they only give him one for the step out and he continues to chip away at his lead. Score 7-3

Heybatov scores on a nice single leg attack to make the score 9-3 in his favor with about 2 minutes left to go in the match.

Mesenbrink scores and starts to close in on the lead. Score 9-5

Gets in on a leg and can not finish, will settle for the step out point and is down 6-9 in the match.

Heybatov scores another takedown off of a single leg and will go up 11-6.

Another single from Mesenbrink and yet again unable to finish and will settle for one. Score 11-7.

Takedown for Haybatov to ice it and make the score 13-7. Heybatov wil be your junior world champion at 70kg.

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