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Jore Volk Into The World Finals

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Jore Volk is into the world finals with a 13-6 tech over Luka Gvinjilia of Georgia in the semifinals.

Final Score- Volk VPO1 Luka Gvinjilia 13-6

Match Overview-

Not much action for the first minute and a half until Gvinjilia gets an arm throw and secures the exposure points getting him the 2-0 lead.

Volk shucks the front headlock and flattens Gvinjilia’s quad pod to even the score up and take the lead on criteria 2-2.

Volk gets another front headlock and snaps it a few times before getting the angle to secure the takedown. He gets a gut wrench out of bounds but no score there.

Caution and one on Gvinjilia to give Volk another point.

They start in par terre where Volk gets 2 guts and a 4 point lift to get the technical superiority win 13-2.

Challenge brick has been thrown by Georgia. Challenge won and score is now 13-4 so match will continue.

They start in par terre, Gvinjilia gets a turn to start it off and reduces the deficit to 7 points. Score 13-6

Gvinjilia concedes in the final seconds and Volk is into the world finals

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Akil Murugan
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