Gabe Dean Joins The Late Night Shots Podcast


Episode 112 of the Late Night Shots podcast

We were joined on the late night shots podcast by 2x national champion Gabe Dean.

We opened up by talking about his brother Max Dean winning his first national championship and the emotions he was going through in the crowd.Their was a great picture of the Dean brother’s sharing a loving embrace when Max jumped into the stands after is huge finals win. This moment was one Max had been dreaming of as he fell short in the 2019 national finals to Drew Foster while he was still at Cornell. Gabe shared that it was a dream for Max to follow in his big brothers foot steps as he now looks to tie his older brother with 2 national titles this upcoming season.

We then brought up the elephant in the room which was of the transfer out of Cornell. Gabe talks about how a year of competition was stolen from the young men of the Ivy League and how it was handled in particular at Cornell was wrong. He also talks about how both himself and his brother were looked and talked about poorly during the transfer. We also briefly talked about his brothers national championship Instagram post where he thanked Cornell for how they prepared him to be a national champion, which was a very respectful thing to do but the love was not reciprocated as none of his former teammates responded or liked the said post.

As the podcast progressed we talked about Gabe’s incredible career at Cornell. He talked about his 2 national titles when he knocked off Nate Brown of Lehigh in 2015 and Tim Dudley of Nebraska In 2016. He came back to the finals for a 3rd time taking a heart breaking loss in 2017 to Penn State standout Bo Nickel. He also compiled an amazing 152-7 career record with 101 of those win’s being bonus point victories. Gabe will definitely go down as one of the best collegiate wrestlers of all time.

We then talked to Gabe about his personal life now and what it was like leaving wrestling. Gabe spoke to us about his business and the amazing rate they are expanding as well as how they are in the works of opening up 2 new locations. He also spoke about how great of workers wrestler are as all of his staff are former wrestlers. Gabe also said there will be a job for little brother Max when he is ready to put his shoes on the shelf. He also touched about when he knew it was time to call it quits and pursue his off the mat dreams and it seems to be working out great for him.

In the closing we would like to thank Gabe for sitting down and chatting with us he shared some personal and emotional moments with his brother along with his amazing career and amazing business venture he started. He was one of the nicest guys we have gotten the chance to speak to and wish all the best in the future to Gabe and Max.

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