Nick Feldman Registered For The US Open


Nick Feldman is registered for the US Open at 125kg Juniors. This is something a lot of people have been wanting to see as Feldman is not particularly big on the freestyle scene but has created a lot of buzz this season with his out of this world dominance in folkstyle.

The weight class has a good amount of solid competitors including Chase Horne, Nathan Taylor, Bennett Tabor, and Hayden Copass who have made decent names for themselves.

Looking at this weight class honestly it looks like Feldman may just have a field day with these guys but we would like to assume that someone could give him a good match for our entertainment.

Feldman will be heading to Ohio State next season and soon enough will probably be looking forward to be the guy to take over 125kg when Gwiz eventually bows out. That won’t be an easy path by any means with guys like Greg Kerkvliet and Mason Parris ahead of him.

Should be very interesting to see what Nick Feldman can do here at the US Open and it should definitely be a good look at what he can do against these college guys and how he has improved since the college opens last season.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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