Feldman And Mullen Set To Clash At Escape The Rock


We just saw this match recently at Powerade and the result was a 12-0 victory for the Ohio State commit Nick Feldman. Looking back at this match it was obvious that this match got out of hand at the end and the score does not completely reflect how Mullen wrestled. Feldman looked amazing and walked through the tournament without giving up a single offensive point so it will be fun to see him back in action at escape the rock.

Nick Feldman MD Jimmy Mullen 12-0 | Powerade Finals

Assuming both of them make the finals this may not be viewed as a revenge match for Mullen in terms of evening the score up 1-1 but more of seeing what he can fix from last time and wrestle more to his potential.

Full Seeds

1 Nick Feldman Malvern PA 12
2 Jim Mullen St. Joseph’s Regional NJ 11
3 Josh Mancia Woodbridge Senior VA 12
4 Matthew Cruise Easton PA 12
5 Cooper Rudolph JW Robinson VA 12
6 Alex Birchmeier Broad Run VA 11
7 Leo Muzika FCA PA 12
8 Charles Crew Williamsport PA 12
9 Freddie Retter Quakertown PA 12
10 Jonathan Graham Camden Catholic NJ 11
11 Charles Socki CR South PA 12
12 Brandon Armstrong Paulsboro NJ 12

Looking at these seeds there may be a couple decent matches before the finals and that would be Nick Feldman vs Charles Crews who is arguably the third best wrestler in this bracket and if six seed Alex Birchmeier makes it through to Jimmy Mullen may be a fun one.

Fun Fact both Jimmy Mullen and Nick Feldman took second at the last escape the rock tournament in 2020 where Mullen lost 1-0 to Nick Feldman’s teammate Coltin Deery and Feldman lost 3-2 to Gaige Garcia in the finals.

A couple other big names to keep an eye out for would be Martin Cosgrove and Anthony Knox who earned top seeds at this tournament as well.

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