J’den Cox Joins The Cliff Keen Wrestling Club


With all of the big pickups that the Cliff Keen wrestling club that operates out of Michigan has had this is by far the biggest. Just recently they got Patrick Brucki who still competes in college, Nick Suriano, and Derek White.

This is especially interesting due to the fact that J’den Cox has an upcoming best of three series coming up in a couple months where he will wrestle 3x World and Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder.

Looking at the official post that was made on their website they did not say much on the matter but Coach Sean Bormet did express his excitement on the big news and Cox will definitely be able to help the program massively.

“His work ethic and achievements speak for themselves, and he is hungry to be the best in the world again this cycle” – Coach Sean Bormet

As we now J’den Cox is a 2x World Champion and an Olympic Bronze Medalist. With his maybe not up to par performance this worlds and already having connections with Kevin Jackson seems to be the reason that this transfer was made.

Of course this is massive for the CKWC along with the Michigan wrestling team. Pat Brucki who already wrestled J’den Cox at 2019 Beat The Streets will be a big practice parter for J’den Cox. Brucki along with Mason Parris are going to be looking to do big things for Michigan this season in what will most likely be their final seasons so having Cox in the room with them will be a huge benefit in helping them achieve those goals.

The article also says that Cox will relocate this month.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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