Unranked Jack Delgarbino Pins World Champion Tony Cassioppi In Crazy Stunner


“I don’t plan on being on the mat for long” Said Tony Cassioppi to the announcer when they asked him about how he felt going into his season debut. Well, he indeed was not on the mat for long. Princeton Sophomore Jack Delgarbino had other things to say about that.

Delgarbino was unranked coming into this season, but you can bet he will be up there after this win over U23 World Champion Tony Cassioppi. Cassioppi looked good coming into the match and go a quick single leg and takedown on Delgarbino. He locked up a pinning combination and was close to a turn and Delgarbino was able to fight it off.

Now this is where things start to go wrong. As Cassioppi gets the hammerlock and goes for the pin fall it seems as if he has Delgarbino dead to rights and will secure the first period fall like he said he would. However Delgarbino times the roll perfectly and is able to get Cassioppi onto his back just barely in bounds and sticks him.

As you know I posted this pin on my Instagram page ( @ Heavyweightnation ) and within a minute Olympic Champion Gable Steveson commented. His comment went as follows “And y’all said he was competition” referring to people saying that Cassioppi would be on Gable the entire season after his huge transformation. I have since then gotten many comments on the video in just the 20 minutes that is has been up with a variety of reactions.

Most of them responding to Gable Steveson’s comment. A few of them hyping up their boy Jack Delgarbino. Along with that there have been a few people saying the pin should not count. You can decide what you want to care about in that but it is what it is with people having mixed reactions over this.

The big question is does this fall over the World Champion out due what Peyton Robb did against NCAA Champion Austin O’ Connor? That is up for you to decide.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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