Ohio State’s Insane 2022 Recruiting Class


Ohio State has been one of the premier teams in college wrestling. They have not made a title run since 2015 but this may just be changing with their stacked recruiting class for 2022. These guys have been some of the biggest names in high school wrestling for while now and let us get into it.

Let us just get out of the way with Rocco Welsh and Vinny Kilkeary who are commited to the Buckeyes in the class of 2023. I am very sure we will be talking about them in the future soon enough.

Jesse Mendez is the first guy. He was number 1 pound for pound heading into the Who’s Number One but ended up losing to Casey Swiderski. However one win/loss does not make or break a career. He has proven he is a solid guy and definitely someone that can help the buckeyes out at whatever weight he does decide to go. He has accomplished a lot in this sport and that loss to Swiderski only seemed to motivate him so it will be interesting to see what he can do as a Buckeye.

Nic Bouzakis is the second guy. Hammer thats what he is he is physically dominant and is out there looking for points thats what he does. He has accomplished pretty much everything a high schooler can even do, Fargo, Super 32, Ironman, National Prep, and also made a Junior World Team. He is going to be insanely fun to watch at Ohio State next season and with the next guy this could just make Ohio State’s season.

You already know who this last guy is. I believe 100% that he is the best high school wrestler in the country regardless of weight but that is all up to opinion. Nick Feldman, there were always talks about him being the next Kyle Snyder and stuff like that but now he might have just made us believe that he could be a little bit more. He dominated 2x NCAA Qualifier Zachary Knighton-Ward 10-3. Who knows how much higher he could go, he is only in high school and he is beating the better Division 1 guys. He has won who’s number one twice and the first time with a major decision up at 220, and the second time 3-2 in a super match vs Christian Carroll which was absolute fireworks. He is going to be a guy to watch if he wrestles next season and does not opt to take a redshirt. I do not even mean for just Ohio State fans, I mean for everyone in the country. This kid is special and we will find out how good he really can be next season.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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