Komeil Ghasemi Confirmed As 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist


Komeil Ghasemi of Iran was most known when he stunned Geno Petriashvili in the 2016 Olympic semifinals in Rio. Pretty much everyone else had written it off as another Geno vs Taha super matchup at the 125kg class. People however do not talk much about his career before hand.

In London 2012 he ended up with a bronze medal. It was just confirmed that he will be given a Gold Medal along with counterpart Biyal Makhov as the two bronze medalists in the field. The other two wrestlers on the podium were tested positive of doping including Uzbekistan’s Artur Taymazov.

He still has not received the medal yet and will not do so for a while being that it is a somewhat lengthy process. However he has released a statement on his instagram account. “Finally, after about two years since the announcement of World Ship Union about the doping of the first and second wrestlers, weighing 120kg of Olympics 2012 and reaching the gold medal to me, this issue was approved by the International Olympic Committee.”

Ghasemi also did go on to take silver in the 2016 Rio Olympics falling to only Turkey’s Taha Akgul. With Amir Zare as the Iranian 125kg wrestler the future for the country is only looking brighter.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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