AJ Ferrari Dominates Nick Stemmet After Trash Talk


One of the biggest matches this weekend was not even because of rankings. It was because of the trash talk that went viral on Instagram between Stanford’s Nick Stemmet and OKST National Champion AJ Ferrari. There was a bunch of back and forth but if you do not know the full story read this article first.

The match started off ok for a little bit but Ferrari was able to get in on one of his quick attacks and score a takedown and ride Stemmet out for a majority of the first period and they end up 2-1 going into the second period. There is when things start to get rough for Stemmet as Ferrari picks bottom and gets out within ten seconds gaining a 3-1 lead. Soon after that he gets in on a shot and finishes it then finds a transition to a turk which picks him up near fall points.

Time come the 3rd period Stemmet does not look gassed but just does not look like he had the ability to deal with the pure strength of Ferrari which let him put up a couple more takedowns until the match wrapped up 15-3 then riding time so 16-3.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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