Max Dean Techs In His Penn State Debut


Max Dean was possibly the biggest transfer in this offseason as he left the Big Reds to come to Penn State. He was a NCAA Finalist back in 2019 down at 184 pounds after he stunned Myles Martin. He ended up falling to Drew Foster in the finals. If you have not seen the dual yet here are the results.

Dean’s debut was very much anticipated and it did not disappoint. He ended up wrestling Dante Delbonis and it was nothing but domination for as long as the match lasted (Which was not long). He got a go behind takedown quick into the match and just kept using that bow and arrow. He was very close to the pin numerous times but just could not get the shoulders down. He ended up with the tech fall 18-0 and will be wrestling his second match tonight against Oregon State which is highly anticipated.

Dean has one final year and needs to make something of it can he add to this mini murderers row that Penn State has with Starocci and Brooks right before him and make it three. It will be a very hard path this season with guys like AJ Ferrari, Braxton Amos, and Pat Brucki waiting to get their hands on him. If he is gonna have a fighting chance to get it done somewhere it’s gonna be at Penn State under Cael Sanderson.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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