AJ Ferrari Vs Nick Stemmet Beef Settled Tomorrow

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Tomorrow at around 5pm EST #4 Oklahoma State will take on #13 Stanford. This leads to a bunch of fun matchups and the main one rankings wise being #7 Travis Wittlake vs #1 and defending National Champion Shane Griffith. However after a couple words were exchanged between National Champion AJ Ferrari and Stanford’s Nick Stemmet that maybe the matchup that people are waiting for.

AJ Ferrari is the consensus number 1 at the weight class right now while Nick Stemmet sits unranked. Stemmet posted a picture on his Instagram recently and the caption goes as follows. ” Albert?? Hello?? @mrfastwitch “

Obviously knowing AJ Ferrari he retaliated because why not. He left a comment under the post and it goes as follows. ” Looking good son. Not bad tbh. Not on Daddy’s level yet tho. *Emojis* #mrfasttwitch ” Stemmet responding to this comment with ” This is not bodybuilding my boy”

Then things started to escalate and it went into their dms where Ferrari posted a few screen shots of them going back and forth and most noticeably Stemmet said “Bring me the smoke Albert. Im here for it my man. November 13th.” Well that is tomorrow and it is time for him to back up what he said.

The final message that was posted or shared atleast was by Ferrari where he seemed to end the conversation by saying “I’m going to embarrass you in front your home crowd and you will never want to wrestle me or see me again. Your own family will want to disown you. I really hope you don’t end up in the hospital tbh.”

As we all know by this point that AJ Ferrari had a similar situation with Minnesota’s Gable Steveson and they were talking but that time AJ was the underdog. Now all the pressure is on him and it will be very exciting to see if he can stomp the dude or if Stemmet is really about the smoke..

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation


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