Aj Ferrari Vs Gable Steveson Possibility On November 20th


November 20th save the date Oklahoma State vs Minnesota, if you have been following any wrestling at all you know what this means. AJ Ferrari is the guy for the Cowboys at 197 pounds and is the defending national champion meanwhile Gable Steveson is the guy for the Gophers at 285.

This was a decent while ago at this point however there were few altercations between Ferrari and Steveson and in one of the tweets Ferrari stated “Don’t make another Italian kid bump up and beat you”. In this tweet he was referring to Steveson’s past two and only two career losses to Penn State’s Anthony Cassar in the Big Ten Finals and the NCAA Semifinals.

Since then Gable was interviewed by Flo Wrestling before the RTC Cup that they hosted and when he was asked about AJ Ferrari he said “he is soft” and when it comes down to it he isn’t bout it. Basically implying that Ferrari was scared.

Both Steveson and Ferrari ended up winning their first NCAA Titles last year after this all went down and seemed to have set aside their differences and squashed the beef between them. They now follow each other on Instagram. However even with this fans did not forget, they know what they want and if Ferrari bumps up to take this super match he will have everyones respect win or lose. It will most likely go down as the most viewed match of this entire wrestling season should this happen and that includes the PSU vs Iowa dual which was insane the last time we saw it happen.

Overall we all pretty much know what result to expect should this match go down, however that being said the chances of it happening are not that high being that I would assume Ferrari is trying to protect his record. Gable does not have the ability to go down obviously so this entire match is dependent on what happens between AJ Ferrari and John Smith and what they decide to do.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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