Jordan Wood Vs Matt Stencel To Go Down Sunday


This becomes a very intriguing matchup between these two for a multitude of reasons. They are both prior All American’s in 2019 but both failed to make the podium from underwhelming performances in last years NCAA Tournament.

If we go based on off season success then Jordan Wood will 100 percent have the advantage in the match however many folkstyle factors some into play when you wrestling a guy like Matt Stencel who is very solid in the top position and is very hard to finish shots on due to his unorthodox flexibility and his ability to hit the splits.

Currently in the ranking based on FloWrestling they have Matt Stencel sitting at number 10 and Jordan Wood at number 13. This is not too noticeable of a difference in rankings. Crazy enough of a stat these two have never wrestled each other before despite both being All Americans in 2019.

Now let us get into projections. If Wood wants to win this match he will just need to execute on his game plan like he always does fairly well on, his downfall with be either getting ridden or getting hit with a big move as we have seen him fall to before and Stencel be good at hitting. If Stencel wants to come out on top he better be in good shape, and to be honest if you watched him at NCAAs he was not in nearly as good of shape as he needed to be.

Projections- Jordan Wood over Matt Stencel 4-2 (From Poll)

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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