What Can Austin Desanto Do For Iowa This Season


Everyone likes a wild man. That’s what wrestling fans loved and still do love about the Brands brothers who are head and assistant coach for Iowa wrestling, and it’s what fans love about Iowa’s 133 redshirt senior Austin Desanto. If you’ll recall, Desanto began his collegiate career wrestling for Drexel in 2017. After a 29-7 season Desanto did not place in NCAAs, he did however end his season with some controversial antics.

Many criticized Desanto and accused him of blatantly trying to injure micic throughout the loss, Micic himself commented, ‘Kids tough but, that’s not really respectable’.  After the disappointing ending to his freshman year, Austin did seek release from Drexel and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since the transfer to Iowa Desanto has fit in better than anyone could have hoped, accumulating a record of 52-12 with 3 all American finishes (highest place of 3rd in the 2021 NCAA tournament). Right from his first match in a Hawkeyes singlet, Desanto began honing in his unique style.

No one gets into physical matches quite like Austin Desanto. Over his three seasons at Iowa fans have watched him out pressure some of the best wrestlers in his class. We’ve watched Austin Desanto hold his own when 133 had more than a podium’s list of worthy All Americans. He’s had great matches and gone toe to toe with wrestlers like Nick Suriano and RBY, and with wins over NCAA Champions Spencer Lee and Seth Gross included to that list.

Iowa wrestling has grown in strength in the shadow of Penn State’s dominant run in recent years and in fact won the 2021 tournament. Is it The Hawkeye’s time to make a decade long dynasty or was last year just a fluke? Austin Desanto will more than definitely be counted on to get Iowa to a back to back. The Brands brothers will be looking for their strong super senior class to leave their younger wrestlers with the right legacy.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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