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Who’s Number One Recap and Results


Who’s Number One did not disappoint this past weekend, as some of the best recruits in the nation solidified their number one ranking at UW-Parkside. 

Here’s a quick recap and the results of each bout:

170: Angelo Ferrari def. Ty Eise, 5-1

The event kicked off with Iowa commit and No. 1 ranked Angelo Ferrari winning yet another bout at Who’s Number One.

Now with updated collegiate rules, Ferrari took advantage on the feet and only needed one takedown in the second period to cruise to a victory. Along with his good offense, Ferrari dominated on top and went to the decision with over 1:30 of riding time over Eise.

In Ferrari style, Angelo hit the crowd with a flex and solidified himself as the best recruit in the country at 170-pounds. 

145: Pierson Manville def. Kollin Rath, 2-0

In a battle between two Pennsylvania natives, Arizona State commit Pierson Manville edged out Kollin Rath in a 2-0 victory to claim the number one ranking at 145-pounds.

Manville was excellent on top, controlling Rath throughout the entire second period and went into the third with two full minutes of riding time. Manville got to his feet quickly in the third period, and held off Rath to win 2-0.

160: Joe Sealey def. William Henckle, 4-2

Penn State commit Joe Sealey defeated New Jersey’s William Henckle 4-2 at 160-pounds.

Sealey scored with a beautiful low-single seconds into the first period which ended up being the deciding factor to claim his number one ranking. 

After many close flurries and wrestlers trying to work their offense, Sealey defended off Henckle perfectly and stayed in great position the entire bout.

113: Christian Castillo def. Paul Kenny, 4-1

In a very anticipated bout at 113-pounds, World Champ Paul Kenny bumped up to square off against #1 Christian Castillo.

Kenny looked really solid at a weight class above, and took Castillo to overtime as the bout was tied 1-1 through three periods.

Castillo brought the pressure the entire match, and nearly had a couple takedowns early on that could have scored, but a clean finish in overtime was what Castillo needed to solidify a number one ranking.

132: Ben Davino def. Kyler Larkin, 4-2

Illinois’ Ben Davino looked really sharp in a 4-2 victory over Arizona’s Kyler Larkin at 132-pounds.

Davino got to his offense right away, scoring on a single and held Larkin for a :44 second ride. Larkin got back to his feet, and went into the second period down 3-1.

Davino worked to his feet to extend his lead, and stayed in good position the rest of the bout to defeat Larkin for the number one spot.

126: Jax Forrest def. Jordyn Raney, 18-15

In hands down the best bout of the night, PA’s Jax Forrest defeated Kentucky’s Jordyn Raney in an overtime thriller with an unbelievable amount of action. 

Just in the first period, Forrest scored with a reversal, a takedown, a two-point turn, and yet another takedown to score 10 points within the first three minutes. However, Raney was keeping up, scoring a takedown of his own and a couple escapes to attempt to keep up.

In the second, Raney started to work his offense after quickly getting reversed to start the period. Raney escaped, and then scored a takedown of his own to make it a two-point match.

The third period was madness, as Forrest got another takedown to go up 15-11. Raney kept it coming, as he escaped and scored another takedown to tie it up.

In overtime, Forrest once again worked his slide-by for a clean takedown to win in an unbelievable match.

220: Cody Merrill def. Sawyer Bartelt, 14-3

California’s Cody Merrill put on a takedown clinic at 220-pounds in a 14-3 victory over Florida’s Sawyer Bartelt.

Merrill scored four takedowns throughout the bout to dominate Bartelt on the feet, and was also dominant on top.

Merrill single-leg was his go to offense in the bout, and Bartelt did not have an answer for it.

138: Daniel Zepeda def. Bo Bassett, Fall

Daniel Zepeda claimed number one at 138-pounds after a super impressive performance over U17 World Gold Medalist Bo Bassett.

Although Bassett bumped up in weight, it was a super entertaining bout with both wrestlers scoring with their offense. 

Zepeda worked his way to multiple takedowns, and was much more effective in the top position with turns and eventually sticking Bassett in the third period to claim his number one ranking.

120: Anthony Knox def. Leo DeLuca, 9-3

Anthony Knox showed off the clutch gene in a wild 9-3 win over fellow training partner and New Jersey native Leo DeLuca 9-3. 

DeLuca led the entire bout, until there was about 10 seconds left to go and Anthony Knox came up with a big takedown and near fall to solidify his number one ranking at 120-pounds.

DeLuca looked sharp for the majority of the bout, scoring a takedown early on and stayed in great position throughout the first two periods.

195: Aeoden Sinclair def. Connor Mirasola, 5-1

Both wrestlers train out of Askren Wrestling Academy in Wisconsin, and both guys brought it in the main event at Who’s Number One.

After two scoreless periods, Sinclair showed off his skills on top with a full two minute rideout over Mirasola to go into the third period in a good spot to win. 

After quickly escaping, Sinclair worked his counter-offense and scored to extend his lead to 4-0 in the third. Mirasola got to his feet, but couldn’t do enough to overcome the 4-1 deficit and riding time advantage for Sinclair in the third.

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