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“I’m still the same person I was in 2022” – Gable Steveson On His Return To Wrestling


Gable Steveson recently did an exclusive interview with Flowrestling. In this interview he announced his return to wrestling and his sights are set on a second Olympic gold medal in 2024.

Changes in the year off:

“I think taking time off has always been my best thing” Steveson talked about how it has always been best for him to stay fresh and keep his mind right.

“No, I’m still the same person I was in 2022. We’re just gonna up the ante and make it a bigger show than it was last year” – Steveson on his year long absence.

How he stacks up against the field:

“Can you hit the bullseye, me personally I don’t think no one can with this training regimen that I’m on, with this dedication that I come with, with the aura that I bring to amateur wrestling”

Gable on the US Open field:

“I expect to wrestle them all, I expect to go through the gauntlet. I expect to do the things I’ve done before to the guys that I’ve wrestled before. I think a year off doesn’t mean anything”

Gable showed praise to the rest of the heavyweight field and how it was a very talented weight class and how cool it is to see younger incoming college wrestlers testing themselves on the senior level just like he did at 17 years old.

“I wan’t somebody to step up, I wan’t somebody to get in my face, and I wan’t somebody to come and bring that fire, bring that energy. Bring it for the people, bring it for the fans they wanna see that” –

Gable on Mason Parris:

Gable showed appreciation to Mason Parris calling him a “great competitor” saying how Parris has stayed the course and gotten rewarded for it winning a national title.

Steveson talked about how heavyweights winning the hodge trophy back to back is a big deal and he is the “most credible wrestler there is”

Gable on the international field:

Gable when asked about Amir Zare the 2021 world champion said that “I look at a guy that has taken over the world, I look at a guy that after the Olympic games taking bronze goes on to win Norway, because I didn’t show up, I feel like if I would’ve showed up I would’ve won Norway too”

“I’m happy he won, and I’m happy he’s keeping his name in the light, and he’s going out there and doing his thing. You can’t complain, you can’t bash him”

Gable spoke on Geno Petriashvili and Taha Akgul who he believes to be the most credible wrestlers in the field saying that he believes they are heading to their endpoint. Saying that young guys need to step up and fill their spot and they will end up battling it out to see who is truly the best.

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