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Helen Maroulis


Helen Maroulis is a women’s freestyle wrestling Olympic Champion for the United States. She is most famous for her upset over 16x World and Olympic Champion Saori Yoshida of Japan in the 2016 Olympic Finals.

Maroulis if widely viewed as the greatest women’s wrestler in the history of the United States.



2008 Junior World Bronze Medalist (51kg)

2010 Junior World Bronze Medalist (55kg)

2011 Junior World Silver Medalist (55kg)


2012 World Silver Medalist (55kg)

2014 World Bronze Medalist (55kg)

2015 World Champion (55kg)

2017 World Champion (58kg)

2021 World Champion (57kg)

2022 World Silver Medalist (57kg)


2016 Olympic Champ (53kg)

2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist (57kg)

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