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2022-23 Wisconsin Badgers Wrestling Team Preview


Wisconsin is a team that has a good amount of eyes on them with how they performed this past season. Looking at a potential 6+ All Americans this season they should not be looked past.

True freshman Dean Hamiti was the brightest spot in the lineup last season dominating most of the season and losing a couple close bouts, however he got injured at nationals cutting his run short but finishing as an All American either way.

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125- Eric Barnett

The 2x All American will most likely be staying down at 125 pounds with the transfer of Taylor LaMont from Utah Valley and will be looking to get on the podium for the third time in a row in his junior year.

He had some big wins for the Badgers throughout his career and even made the Big Ten finals, ultimately he finished 7th at the NCAA Championships and he will look to improve upon that finish.

133- Taylor LaMont

LaMont is the guy a lot of people want to see this season. Coming into his 7th and final year in college and having gone through some injuries the 2021 5th place All American will be looking to get back on the podium.

He finished in the round of 16 this past season after losing to Killian Cardinale and Joey Prata.

141- Joe Zargo

A very fun guy to watch on this lineup, but he is young and that comes with its own struggles going 1-2 at the national tournament. Those losses were to Cole Matthews and Andrew Alirez so a rough draw but he will be looking to improve upon that finish greatly coming into this season.

Couldn’t really make a prediction on where I think he will place, seems like we just have to wait and see what he can bring to the table this season.

149- Austin Gomez

Gomez was incredible to watch last season just sending it every chance he got, definitely a fan favorite here and he will be looking to move up on the podium. After being at Iowa State and stepping away from the sport he made the move to Wisconsin moved up a few weight classes and became and All American this past season and winning a Big Ten title as well.

157- Garrett Model

Had a 15-14 record this past season but he did qualify for the national championships this past season and will look to do the same again this year.

One of the guys that will need to step it up a bit in this lineup if they want to see success against the big teams in the conference.

165- Dean Hamiti

The guy to watch on this lineup hands down. Placing 6th as a true freshman forfeiting out of the 5/6th match due to injury Hamiti has some big things to do this upcoming year.

Can he challenge O’Toole, Carr, and Griffith at the top? That is something we have yet to see but a year can make a massive difference and maybe Hamiti ends up being the next National Champ for the Badgers.

174- Graham Calhoun

Coming off of a 13-10 season as a redshirt it is difficult to say what to expect from Calhoun this year. However 174 is thinning out in the big ten with the losses of Kemerer and Massa. He will be looking to possibly snag a big to the National Championships.

184- James Rowley

This is going to be a big weight and with Tyler Dow being the only guy at the weight and not having a winning record as a starter I think the Badgers give James Rowley the nod.

The cadet world silver medalist has impressed me a lot and I think he can do some big things in his first season. It all depends if he gets the nod or if they put him on redshirt.

197- Braxton Amos

Amos will be competing at the World Championships which will be starting in a few days after former rep G’Angelo Hancock announced his retirement. Amos will be at the 97kg Greco Roman division.

In college Amos was a big name but it looked like it was a decent weight cut. However he never got blown out maybe losing 1-2 point matches to top guys. If this man ends up near the top of the podium next season don’t be surprised cause we all know he has the talent.

The Big Ten was a death trap at 197 last season Amos did fairly well so he will be a big component for this team in his sophomore year after going 18-11 this past season.

285- Trent Hillger

Hillger will be looking to have a big season. As the OG guy of this lineup the 3x All American will be looking to pick up a 4th one at this upcoming tournament after not having the greatest run last season.

With a 99-36 career record he will also be hitting the 100 win club this season. He will be a big component this year again for the Badgers success at the upper weights.

What are you thoughts on this lineup? Leave a comment below!

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