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Cornell 2022-23 Schedule Breakdown


Cornell announced their 2022-23 season schedule today and there should be some good dual meets along with a few exciting matches. Let’s just do a quick overview of the main ones.

Do not really know where to account for Greg Diakomihalis here so I just put Vito in at 25 like last season.

November 19th vs Wisconsin-

There are four matches here that come to mind. Trent Hillger vs Lewis Fernandes, Dean Hamiti vs Julian Ramirez, Vito Arujau vs Eric Barnett and Yianni Diakomihalis vs Austin Gomez.

Hillger vs Fernandes-

Hillger had a rough showing at nationals and visibly looking like he lost some weight. I would like to think their were some outside factors affecting him but he might have just had a bad year.

Hillger won at the dual meet in pretty convincing fashion while Fernandes won in the wrestle backs at nationals denying Hillger a chance at his 4th All American finish.

Dean Hamiti vs Julian Ramirez-

Ramirez started off really hot at the start of the season knocking off Shane Griffith who had a dominant win over Hamiti at nationals. Looking at this match Hamiti would still be the favorite being that he pinned Ramirez last time but it will most likely be a decision this time.

Yianni Diakomihalis vs Austin Gomez-

Yianni seemed to be able to figure out Gomez more than anyone just due to the style matchup and I am not sure if that changes just being the way that they wrestle. Gomez always has a chance with upper body so do not count him out here.

Vito Arujau vs Eric Barnett-

Whether this will be Barnett or LaMont has yet to be said but this should be dominant for Vito as he is a good bit ahead of either one of these guys.

Jacob Cardenas vs Braxton Amos

Neither of these guys have proven themselves just yet but we all know who Braxton Amos is and Cardenas has been good. Expecting a lot of development from both of that and see both finishing with All American honors this season.

Cliff Keen Las Vegas December 2/3-

Guys that realistically have a chance to win here would be Yianni, Vito, and Ramirez should they all show up.

Vito vs Glory is going to be the match to see should they both compete at the tournament.

Collegiate Duals December 19/20th-

Another event to get excited for if you are a Cornell fan as they will possibly take on Lehigh, Iowa, Penn State, UNI, and NC State if they return the same lineup from last season here.

January 4th vs Arizona State-

Vito Arujau vs Brandon Courtney

Chris Foca vs Cael Valencia

Jacob Cardenas vs Kordell Norfleet

Jonathan Loew vs Anthony Montalvo

Yianni Diakomihalis vs Kyle Parco

If this does not get you hyped nothing will. Vito vs Courtney will be straight fireworks along with Norfleet vs Cardenas. Yianni might dominate Parco a little bi there but Foca vs Valencia and Loew vs Montalvo in theory should be good competitive matches as well here.

January 6th vs Virginia Tech-

Mekhi Lewis vs Chris Foca

This match was awesome last time around as Foca wrestled great matches with Starocci and Lewis at the collegiate duals. Lewis should win this one but it will be close if Foca can improve on last season.

Sam Latona vs Vito Arujau

Doubt Latona returns to 125 looking at the pictures of him I have seen so far but if he does he will have to wrestle Vito. Vito should be able to put up a bonus point victory here.

January 14th vs Lehigh-

Cornell was upset in this dual meet last season and will look to get revenge this season. With Lehigh losing their best wrestling in Jordan Wood Cornell should be victorious this time around.

February 4th vs Princeton-

There are a couple dual meets in between but nothing to really look at. The main match in this dual goes without saying as Pat Glory and Vito Arujau have been going back and forth their entire careers and Vito will look to avenge his rough loss from the national semis.

Julian Ramirez vs Quincy Monday is another good one as Monday will be moving to 165 this season. Ramirez can get this done if he looks but but that is a tall task.

February 18th vs Ohio State-

Gavin Hoffman vs Jacob Cardenas

Yianni Diakomihalis vs Sammy Sasso

Lewis Fernandes vs Tate Orndorff

Julian Ramirez vs Carson Kharchla

Ramirez vs Kharchla is the match to watch here. Last season I would gave said Yianni vs Sasso but we kinda know where they stand at this point in time.

Hoffman vs Cardenas is a very underrated one and the way Hoffman has been improving he may be a threat for a title this year but that is a very optimistic take.


Nothing much to talk about here since bids have not been announced but they should advance a good amount of guys


Yianni will be looking for his 4th national title

Vito looks to make the finals possibly shocking the world

Cardenas, Ramirez, Foca, Fernandes, and Loew looking for All American finishes

Overall this team is looking good for next season and they are someone to keep your eye on.

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