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Nick Feldman Wins 1/4 Final At Junior World Championships


Nick Feldman takes on Georgi Ivanov of Bulgaria for his first match in the quarterfinals at the junior world championships. He would win this bout 5-2 and advance to the semifinals.

Match Overview-

Ivanov hits an arm spin right off the bat and almost scores. The quickness of Feldman lets him run behind for the takedown. Call has been challenged by Bulgaria.

The challenge has been won by Bulgaria and the score is back to 0-0.

Feldman has been warned for passivity.

Nice shot from Feldman as he brings it to his feet and finishes for the takedown going up 2-0.

Shot from Feldman at the start of the second period but unable to finish and will settle for the step out point and extends his lead to 3-0.

Ivanov dominating the hand fight and Feldman is put on the shot clock. They call Feldman takedown but Bulgaria throws the challenge brick yet again.

Challenge has been won and the score is now 3-1 in favor of Feldman.

Feldman scores on the edge but it is ruled as a push out. The challenge brick comes out again as Bulgaria thinks it should be their point.

Challenge has been lost and the score is now 5-1 in favor of Feldman.

Ivanov scores on a push out and score is 5-2.

The match will end up 5-2 in favor of Feldman as he advances to the semifinals.

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