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Bennett Berge Techs In Round Of 16 At Junior Worlds


Bennett Berge takes on Nandor Hajduch of Hungary in the round of 16 at the junior world championships. He would end up getting the win by technical superiority and advances to the quarterfinal round.

Match Overview-

A shot from Hajduch leads to him scoring a takedown after a little flurry and the first points get on the board.

Berge scores on a single leg and gets the leg lace attempt but cannot lock up the second one. He takes the lead 4-2 in the bout with a minute left in the period.

Berge forces Hajduch into a bad attack and scores on the go behind. He locks up a leg lace and scores the additional two points to go up 8-2.

Berge scores on a snap down to a go behind and makes the score 10-2. Hajduch escapes and Berge takes him down again to win by technical superiority 12-2

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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