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Ravi Kumar Dominates For Gold At Commonwealth Games


Olympic silver medalist Ravi Kumar from India had no trouble walking though the commonwealth games and taking gold. He would win all three of his bouts by technical superiority and only let up 4 points through out the entire tournament.

Tournament Stats

Ravi Kumar VSU Suraj Singh 10-0

Ravi Kumar VSU1 Ali Asad 14-4

Ravi Kumar VSU Ebikewenimo Welson 10-0

Looking into the near future Kumar will be competing at the world championships in Serbia and will look to pick up the first gold medal of his career.

Kumar took silver at the Olympic Games and bronze at the 2019 world championships in Nur-Sultan so he with Zavur Uguev out it seems that the only man that he will have to get through is the USA’s Thomas Gilman who took bronze at the Olympics and is the reigning world champion.

Gilman vs Kumar is one of the matches that most of the world is looking to with Gilman winning the world championships that year with no real competitors. Both of them have only really lost to the #1 Zavur Uguev who will not be competing due to the Russian ban.

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