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Zeke Jones Signs 5 Year Contract Extension


It has been announced that Arizona State head coach Zeke Jones has officially signed a 5 year contract extension.

ASU is coming off of a solid 4th place finish at the 2021 national tournament placing only behind Penn State, Michigan and Iowa. Jones has done well for the program since he was hired as a head coach in 2014.

Jones was a national champion for the Sun Devils back in 1988. Since then most notably he has coached the 3 Valenica brothers, Brandon Courtney, Josh Shields and Cohlton Schultz who just made his second world team in the 130kg Greco-Roman division.

The amount of the contract has not been specified but the Arizona State team is in good hands looking at a very possible top 3 finish this next season.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
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