Sarah Hildebrandt Accepts Bid To Final X At 50kg


2020 Olympic bronze medalist, Sarah Hildebrandt has accepted her bid to Final X. Hildebrandt will be wrestling at the 50kg weight class in women’s freestyle on June 8. Hildebrandt will be wrestling her way for a spot in the 2022 U.S World Team at the Final X tournament.

Some of Hildebrandt’s most notable accolades consist of being a 2020 Olympic bronze medalist, two silver medals at the 2018 and 2021 Senior World tournament, she was also a 2019 Pan American champion along with claiming five Pan American championships.

During her colligative career, Hildebrandt was a two-time NCWA women’s college national champion and four-time finalist for King University.

Being at the Final X means one step closer to being in the U.S World Team. Final X will consist of the top two wrestlers at each weight class competing in a best of three series to earn the world team spot. USA wrestling gives an advantage to last years medalist in which it skips them from wrestling at the world team trials directly to Final X. Hildebrandt will be skipping the process of wrestling at world team trials directly to being at Final X.

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