Olympic Champion Gable Steveson Declines Bid To Final X


Olympic Champion Gable Steveson has officially declined his bid to sit in Final X. He announced this via his Instagram story.

This is probably not surprising at all to most people but there was the slightest bit of hope when a tweet surfaced of Gable asking about when the final day to accept the bid to sit in Final X was.

Nick Gwiazdowski will be the projected champion at this point to try and make his 5th world team. Steveson lost to Gwiazdowski at Final X in 2019 but was able to put on a dominant performance at the 2021 Olympic Trials where he swept the 2x World Medalist and went on to dominate the world scene winning Olympic Gold.

“Keep my seat warm for me.. I will be back to take over the world once again!” whether he is just giving us false hope or actually has the intentions of coming back to the sport and dominating once again it will be fun to see what Steveson is up to in the meantime.

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Akil Murugan
Akil Murugan
Senior Editor for Heavyweight Nation

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