Jake Null Transfers To Purdue


Jake Null announced he will be transferring to Purdue University. Null wrote via Instagram, “A new beginning, I’ve come to realize everything happens for a reason and blessings come in different forms. I am beyond excited to see what is in store for the rest of my academic and athletic career at Purdue. I’m coming up and coming to take it all”.

Null started his colligative career at North Carolina State University and is now transferring to Purdue University for his sophomore season. During his time at North Carolina state, Null had a 21-8 record along with being ranked number 58 in the 174 pound weight class. Null is currently ranked number 51 for the upcoming season at Purdue.

According to Null he transferred to Purdue for the family environment and for what the program can provide to him. In Null’s words, “The deciding factor for me was the family environment that the program in Purdue has, everyone is looking for the best on each other and that’s what I look for in a program, and how i knew it was a great fit for me. I am looking forward to winning alongside my future teammate and being in the big ten environment”.

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