Sabino Portella Commits To UNC


Sabino Portella has recently announced his commitment to the University of North Carolina. Portella wrote, “Next chapter”. Along with announcing his commitment he also gave a special thanks to his coach, Nick Roy, Portella wrote, “A special thank you to Coach Nick Roy from training me since I was a 6 years old and having the patience with me growing up to learn and develop into the man I am today. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Thank you”.

During his high school career that has yet to finish, Portella managed to have a career record of 78-9. He was also a Fargo freestyle junior All American. Portella was also finished in second place at the New Jersey State tournament. He had also previously placed fourth at the NJ state tournament. Portella is also a two-time regional champ and a three-time finalist at Fargo.

When asked the questions on why did he choose to commit to UNC, Portella replied, “The deciding factor was definitely the coaches and teammates down at unc and the environment. Everyone has the same goals and there all willing to help each other as long with them selves reach it”. The question later followed with what he was looking forward to in which he replied, “What I’m most looking forward to is the transition from moving out of NJ and wrestling at the division 1 level down south”.

The class of 2023 wrestler is now committed to the University of North Carolina and has already secured a spot at UNC.

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