Blake Gioimo Commits To Iowa State


16 year old junior Blake Gioimo from Cedar Rapids Prairie high school has announced his commitment to Iowa State University.

Although Gioimo is just a junior, he is already making big moves. Gioimo is a two-time Class 3A state finalist at 106 pounds in 2021 and at 113 pounds in 2022. He is one of Iowa’s top lightweight wrestling prospects. Between his sophomore and junior season, Gioimo has managed to keep a good record with 62 wins and only 2 loses. He also made the 16U national dual team this year along with placing 2nd at the 16U freestyle state championships.

The 16 year old announced his commitment to Iowa State University via Instagram stating, “I’m excited to announce that I will be continuing my wrestling and academic career at Iowa State University”.

When being interviewed about why did the 16 year old decide to commit to Iowa State University Gioimo replied, “I really love the atmosphere there and how high level it is. It’s just so welcoming there and I can’t wait to get so much better”. The interview followed with the question “What do you think the most challenging thing will be while wrestling at a colligative level?” the 16 year old replied, “I think the most challenging thing will be the most exciting thing. Which is that I’ll have to push myself to become even better”.

Gioimo still has his 2022-23 wrestling season left. He has already secured a spot with the Iowa State Cyclones. With him just being a junior in high school and already be committed to a university is a huge commitment. Not everyone can get offers to wrestle at a colligative level as a senior and let alone be committed as a junior in high school.

The 16 year old still has one year left of high school before joining the Cyclones. He still has room for improvement as he prepares for the colligative level.

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